Barrie (Baz) Roberts

After dabbling with wikis at work and looking for a cloud storage solution, I came across Drive in around 2013 and discovered the wonderful world of Google Apps and soon fell in love with them. Taught myself everything I could about them then made the bold decision to share that knowledge with the rest of the world, thinking I'd get 10 vistors a week to my site if I was lucky. Over a million have visited my website since 2017 and hopefully I've helped 1 or 2 people along the way.

At some point a few years ago, I stumbled across Apps Script, which I hadn't realised had been sitting behind all those apps all the time, potentially gluing them all together. I set about learning everything I could about it, and wrote a lot of posts on Apps Script aimed at those making their first steps with it.

Since then I've written over 10 books on the Google Workspace apps and on Apps Script. All of this is in my limited free time but I hope to do even more in the future.